Job Descriptions 101

A job description is one of the most important tasks a recruiter is responsible for. Crafting a realistic yet compelling description of the open position is an art and can dictate the quality of candidates which apply.

Lets face it, most job seekers don't really read the job description in its full details. They are busy seeking out the most coveted and attractive positions, looking for the diamond in the rough. The details of the position are often skimmed by on average.

So why is a job description so important? 72% of hiring managers claim they provide clear job descriptions, but just 36% of candidates agree according to HR Drive. Is it any wonder why the expectations of a position are oftentimes misunderstood? It's good practice to update job descriptions often from the perspective of the candidate applying. Let's repeat that...from the candidate's perspective. 

Most recruiters or hiring managers write a job description based on what they need for the job to get done. They are looking at the position from an internal viewpoint, not necessarily as an candidate / employee would. One of the easiest ways to analyze your current job descriptions is to ask yourself the following questions.

  1. What would you think if you read your own job description as a candidate applying? Would you skim by or stop to read it? Why or why not?
  2. Is the description easy to read and easy to understand? 
  3. Would perspective candidates understand the purpose of the position and why it is so important to the organization?
  4. Are the expectations of the position realistic and attainable? 

If you answered no to any of those questions, its time to re-think and update your job descriptions. This time do it from the candidate's perspective. When candidate's are attracted to and can easily read through your job descriptions, the likelihood they will apply increases greatly.

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