The Candidate Experience

On a scale from 1-10, how attractive is y​our recruitment and on-boarding plan?  

Why do some organizations have higher retention than others? Why do some just seem to have happier, better adjusted employees than others? Why do some have a great reputations, despite turnover? 

Let's start with the many reasons candidates are less than thrilled with their overall interviewing experience. Here are the numbers*:

  • 75% have never been asked for feedback after an interview
  • 53% do not receive a response from the interviewer until 3 months after the interview
  • 69% want to see better response times
  • 63% want to see better communication regarding the functions of the position
  • 72% of candidates who have a bad experience will most definitely tell others about it

*SHRM; Forbes; Careerarc

We have a communication problem. Statistics show candidates are being largely ignored when it comes to follow-up from employers. Worse, a large percentage feels there is not enough detail presented when it comes to presenting the job and what it entails. Is it any wonder candidates are burned out and the turnover rate for the average US business climbing?

When designing a process, start from a different perspective. When we design from within, from our "inside" perspective, we oftentimes lose sight of what we are trying to achieve, which is providing the candidate with an amazing experience, solidifying the very reasons they should work with us. We miss opportunities to attract and keep viable candidates because we forget to think as a candidate might. 

Designing a successful candidate experience is not difficult but you do have to put yourself into the candidate's shoes. How would you feel if you were the one on the other side of interviewing and hiring? Would you be satisfied by what is being presented to you? Would you walk away with a greater sense of the position? The organization? It’s team members? Would the conversation make you more interested in the position or less? Why?

Take some time to review your current processes and gauge whether its truly candidate-friendly. Review the process step by step from the candidate's viewpoint and then proceed with changes to improve the overall experience.  It's important to remember the experience should be a positive one for all candidates, regardless of whether they are hired or not. The goal is to have every candidate walk away from the experience with a "WOW! That place was awesome!"  

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