The Power of a Fresh Start

A new year turns the page of the past, toward the future. Each year gives us a chance to take pause and take stock of what we have accomplished, where we have failed, and which areas we need to work on and improve. The clarity we find at the start of a new year is oftentimes, exactly what we need to clear the path ahead in order for us to conquer and accomplish our goals.


You've heard the phrase a bajillion times before..."new year, new me."  The truth is, there is a new "us" every day, we only need to acknowledge it.

How we choose to see the world and our part in it is powerful. 

Our mindset is a framework for work and life and also plays a significant role in our relationship with success and failure. It also impacts the level of our ability to view both opportunities and overcome obstacles and challenges.


1. Become open. A fixed mindset is one that never changes. A person believes what they believe and is closed to other possibilities. To begin cultivating a growth mindset, you must have an openness that allows for alternative ways of doing things. It doesn't always have to be THIS or THAT. It can also be THIS and THAT.

2. Let's be real. Asking the people around you for regular feedback is a critical aspect of growth. Humans tend to assume the things they do are great and wonderful but rarely ask for feedback when it comes to their own actions. 

Constructive criticism is a valuable tool that enables you to identify blind spots. Take time to regularly ask for feedback from those you trust, admire, aspire to be like, and who genuinely want to help you.

3. Perfection is a myth. I've never met a perfect person. Have you? Sure, there are folks we love and adore and can do no wrong in our eyes, but the truth is, no one is perfect, and that is a really great thing. 

When you have a growth mindset you are accepting of your failures and shortcomings. You are real. Real about what you didn't do. Real about owning up to what went wrong. Real about not beating yourself up too much over it. Failure is a part of life. We can't dodge it and so we simply need to accept, learn the lesson and do better moving forward.

Closing Thoughts...

Creating more of a growth mindset really begins within ourselves. It is working consistently, seeking truth in what we truly need to fix, change or learn.

It is working on our thoughts and strengthening how we choose to see issues from many vantage points. It is how we choose to resolve issues and perhaps most importantly, see that failures aren't necessarily the end but the beginning of a better you.

Wishing you a fresh start in 2024!

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