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Job Seekers + Executive Placement Recruiters = Success

Finding the right job is never an easy task. According to FlexJobs Career Coach Cidnye Work, it takes an average of about 3-6 months to land a job opportunity. There’s only an 8.3% chance of getting a job based on any of your submitted applications. So, the chances are slim that the first job post you apply to will be your last. If you’re trying to minimize the time it takes to find a job, executive placement companies are exactly the kind of people to get in touch with. Here are three reasons why job seekers should involve placement companies in their job hunting process.

Jobs Tailored to Your Skillset

Executive placement companies aren’t just concerned with finding a job. Their priority is to ensure that companies hire the best possible candidate and candidates, simultaneously, find the right companies. To accomplish this goal, they will try their best to recommend jobs that are perfectly tailored to your skillset and recent work history. So, if an executive headhunter is giving you the suggestion to apply to a job post, they probably have a list of reasons why you’d be the ideal candidate for that specific job.

Wide Variety of Job Opportunities

Executive placement companies have access to a lot more job opportunities apart from what you see in the classified section in the newspaper. Just like you, a job seeker is working with them. They also have reputable firms working with them to make their hiring process easy. This means that these recruiters have a lot of companies on their speed dial that don't normally post their open positions on job boards.

Guide You Through the Process

A good placement company doesn’t just push you down the tree as soon as you’re ready to fly. These companies hold your hand throughout the entire process to maximize your chances of landing the job. They will prepare you for the application process, optimize your resume, help sift through your portfolio, and proofread all other required documents that the job post requires. Furthermore, some companies also go the full mile by coaching you for the interviews through a series of interviewing techniques and mock interviews. They can help you improve on areas you lack and make sure that you’re well-prepared to ace every interview.

Closing Thoughts

Every job post you apply to will have about 200 other candidates as qualified as you or even more qualified than you applying as well. Hiring an executive placement company will help expedite that process and get you up and running in almost no time.


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