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Navigating Today's Talent Market

Businesses have been competing for talent at an extraordinary level. It has forced many to truly rethink their work environments, culture and contracts. The national turnover average is about 42.5% while the service industry can see a number upwards of 250%. The Grass Is Not Always Greener... As many have experienced during the Great Resignation, on both sides, it's clear not everyone benefitted from the migration in and out of industries. A recent Mercer study cites stress as a leading factor behind the Great Resignation. Adding to the worry now are very real concerns about a shaky economy as employees often leave when they feel financially insecure or vulnerable. They’re also more likely to take a job that has a higher salary even if it may not be the right opportunity. Relatedly, organizations have been stressed as they feel pressure to bring new employees on board, even if some hires are not completely suited for the job. - John Markey, HR Expert Culture Check Employers are thinking about the employee experience and seriously putting in work to make that experience the best it can be, oftentimes when there's little or no wiggle room around set compensations. So how does an employer create an amazing employee experience? It begins with first knowing and understanding the culture and how to market it. The culture of a company greatly impacts the employee experience and is a big factor in retaining the employee. If culture and experience are not something you have been thinking about as an employer, start simply. Ask yourself why someone would want to work for your organization. List the top five things that you believe are the most spectacular reasons someone would want to join the team, complete the work and stay. Your ability to answer those questions will determine how much work you have to do with regard to understanding the culture you want to create. Closing Thoughts To be successful in the talent market today takes time, a strong sense of company identity, and an equally strong culture to help attract and retain the best. It also takes a large dose of transparency. No business has it all and it's unrealistic to think so. The same applies to talent. No one person possesses everything you want. If you spend time narrowing down realistic needs coupled with a clear vision of what the employee experience is like, you are a step closer to winning the talent game.


The Gervino Group is committed to helping our clients create a competent, productive, and engaged workforce by providing the highest quality placements in the industries we serve. We are passionate about matching exceptional talent to the best suitable opportunities.

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